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Radical imam caught in the "wrong" McDonald's

Visitor "McDonald's" in the British town of Luton photographed radical Islamic preacher Choudary Anema effluent from the cashier catering with a tray of food in hand. On Tuesday, September 6, writes Daily Mail.

"I heard [performance] of this guy before and was a little surprised [to see it], given that he preaches. Given that he hates everything associated with the West and that it should only halal, - he's just a hypocrite, "- said the author of the image (it's name is not specified), who lives far away from the fast food restaurant.

The man said that the imam is not the first time comes to eat American fast food.

Daily Mail recalls, reports "" that "McDonald's" does not offer halal food to visitors, as, according to the corporation, it would require too much change in the proprietary technology of cooking.

Choudary is known for extravagant views and statements. Thus, the religious figure who receives gosposobie for many children in the amount of 25 thousand pounds a year, called the congregation "squeeze" from Western taxpayers as much money (which, in his opinion, is a form of jihad). Imam also said that it is necessary to turn Buckingham Palace into a mosque.

Mullah managed to avoid responsibility for the radical statements over the years because of the principle of freedom of speech. However, in the year 2016 against him were indicted after in his lectures, he urged parishioners to support the "Islamic State" (banned in the Russian terrorist organization) and go to the "Caliphate", that is, in the occupied part of the Syrian rebels.

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