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Vincents Restaurant as the best in the Baltics

In the Swedish capital of Stockholm, on October 31, it published new guide to restaurants White Guide Nordic Nordic. It contains information about 325 best restaurants in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, as well as for the first time included 60 restaurants of the Baltic countries, the best of which is recognized as a restaurant Vincents.

This year, the guide included Finnish restaurant 61, 64 Norwegian, Swedish 92, 15 Icelandic and restaurants 60 from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Restaurants evaluated and grouped by region, category and location. The maximum number of points that can be assigned to the restaurant - 100: 40 food items, service items 20, 20 drink items and the atmosphere is just 20 points.

"In the Baltic countries has its own particular culinary heritage and the environment, but we are all united by the unique seasonal products, for the preparation of which each restaurant uses its various techniques. If gastronomy in the Baltic countries will develop in the same direction, as now, many will discover Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as a suitable travel route, "- says editor in chief of the section of the Baltic States, Anna Mickelson Bodemark.

In addition to the release of the new edition has been announced TOP 30 Baltic restaurants. In this category the best recognized restaurant Vincents, but just in the top includes five Latvian restaurants: In addition to Vincents, it Entresol (27-28-th place), COD Robata Grill (24-place), restorans 3 (22-place) and Biblioteka No. 1 Restorans (13-place). The best restaurant in the Nordic countries recognized Esperanto restaurant in Stockholm.

Total edition includes 20 Latvian restaurants: 36. Linija, Restorans 3, 3 Pavaru restorans "Tam labam bus augt!", Biblioteka No.1 Restorans, COD Robata Grill, Diklu pils restorans, Entresol, Equus, Ferma, Kolonade. Musu stasti .., Koya, Laivas, Locale, Muusu, Per se, Riviera, Valmiermuizas vestnieciba Riga, Valtera restorans, Vina studija and Vincents.

This is the third edition of the White Guide compiled with the support of Live Riga Tourism Department and the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIDA). For the first time thanks to the work of the Riga Tourism Development Bureau and Tourism Department LAIR, as well as cooperation of the tourism industry in the Baltic countries entered the top restaurants and Latvian.

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