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Retail asks objective control

Retail Companies Association (AKORT) and the Union of Independent Networks of Russia expressed "unconstructive and one-sided approach" to monitor the implementation of the new law "On Trade", it follows from the joint letter of association (available in RNS available) headed the public organization of small and medium-sized businesses, "Reliance Russia "Alexander Kalinin, member of a monitoring group" Fair price ", led by the deputy of the party" United Russia ", one of the authors of the amendments to the law" On trade "Irina Spring.

In his letter to the retailers note that the one-sided approach to monitoring the implementation of the practice of the new provisions of the law "On Trade" aimed "exclusively at the retail chains work."

AKORT and independent networks of the Union asked to "Support of Russia" to reconsider "the list of issues to be monitored in order to prevent abuses by unscrupulous market participants in the transition to the new regulation: both retailers and suppliers."

30 August Kalinin during a public speech called the law "restorative justice."

In early July, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law providing, inter alia, reduction of the maximum size retrobonusov retailers from suppliers to 5% and reduction of terms of payment of the goods supplied by retailers.

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