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Retailers quickly replace citrus from Egypt

The largest Russian retailers does not expect problems with the provision of citrus if Rosselkhoznadzor will introduce a ban on their import from Egypt.

"The problems (with the presence of citrus fruits), we do not expect.

Firstly, because there are countries that can replace, and secondly, because there are partners with contracts, ”the Dixy press service said.

The "Dixie" noted that in stores range from citrus fruits imported from Egypt, there are only oranges, potentially they could be replaced by fruits from Morocco, Iran and Syria.

According to the retailer, oranges from Egypt a significant share in the range between approximately January to April, now there are supplies from other countries.

Dixy also stressed that changes in citrus prices in the event of a ban on their deliveries from Egypt are not expected.

The retailer Auchan for three weeks will establish citrus shipments from Morocco, Pakistan, and Syria in the event that a ban on imports from Egypt enters into force, reported RNS Director of External Communications' Retail Auchan Russia "Maria Kurnosov.

"If necessary, the replacement will take about three weeks to develop supplies from Morocco, Pakistan and Syria," - she said.

Kurnosov added that the share of winter citrus from Egypt to Auchan stores range is about 30%.

Rosselkhoznadzor in anticipation of massive supplies of citrus from Egypt to Russia said that reserves the right to introduce temporary restrictions on imports of products of high phytosanitary risk from the Arab Republic.

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