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A number of Red October confectionery and Rot Front received kosher certificate

Holding "United Confectioners", aware of the food traditions adopted in the different religious confessions in Russia and in the world. Holding companies are a large assortment of meatless products for the Orthodox consumer, plans product certification for halal consumption.

And the Jewish New Year, which was celebrated on October 5, a number of products has been certified according to the requirements of kashrut.

The famous enterprises of the Holding "United Confectioners", "Red October" and "Rot Front" have successfully passed the certification for kosher confectionary.

The certification procedure consists in strict inspection of the enterprise, production lines, production conditions - everything must comply with the laws of kashrut. Also, suppliers, whose raw materials will be used to produce kosher products, are tested. Ingredients for the production of confectionery products must also have kosher certificates for development.

According to the results of all inspections 18 kinds of confectionery factory "Red October" and "Rot Front" received certificates, which are valid for 1 years and then be subject to re-certification.

On the finished kosher products put special markings which allows the buyer to make sure that the product is indeed kosher, issued in accordance with the rules of kashrut, and can be sold in their respective networks worldwide.

Certification carried out by well-known American EJC (Eastern European Kosher Certification), Israel and the Moscow representative office of the rabbinical court.

Getting special certificates makes it possible to expand the market and deliver kosher pastry in networks of Israel, America and France.

According to the rules of kashrut flour products are produced in the presence of a rabbi and after baking is done marking in Hebrew, "baked Jew" and issued a certificate for batch production.

On the eve of the Jewish New Year was made an order for the production of kosher sweets from a major Israeli network.

Confectioners have coped with this task by releasing the required amount of product. Thus, the sweetness of the Moscow confectioners decorated New Year's holiday.

List of kosher foods available on online catalog of products with a special icon.


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