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Ryazan Oblast to boost milk production

Ryazan region in 2016 year was the fifth in the Central Federal District, entered the top twenty Russian regions for the production of milk, he told RIA Novosti press officer governor of the employee.

"In 2016 year, as for a number of previous years, dairy farming in the Ryazan region shows a positive trend. As a result, the region will produce about 350 thousand. Tons of milk. Growth will be 4,3% compared to last year ", - said the head of Oleg Kovalev region on Thursday at the regional meeting on the development of the dairy industry.

According to him, the average productivity of animals increased to 5315 kg, which is more than last year 170 kg, and breeding farms - up to 7000 kilos.

"Good results have been achieved at the expense of attracting investment in the industry, providing a system of state farms, the use of modern technologies in the content of animals and feed production. Thus, in the year 2016 one conditional head of cattle harvested almost 39 quintals of feed units, while the norm - 30 ", - said the head of the region.

Kovalev said that to maintain positive dynamics in animal husbandry, will actively involve young professionals in the industry.

"Targeted recruitment of students to specialized universities and colleges will increase, on the basis of the best enterprises of the agro-industrial complex, the departments of educational institutions will be opened. In addition, work will continue to attract young professionals through the provision of preferences for housing and pay, "- said the governor.

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