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Romir: the average grocery bill grew by two rubles

The average citizen in Russia spent 2016 in April for one trip to the 493 store, according to a survey of the research holding Romir.

The average check remained almost unchanged compared to March, adding only 2 rub.

Thus, the average check increased by exactly the value of the official inflation rate for the month, that is to 0,4%, according to the study.

This year the average check dropped by 7,3%, taking into account that the accumulated inflation gives a drop of almost 15%.

In the Central Federal District in April remained at the March figure check 556 rubles. In St. Petersburg, the average check dropped by 3,2% in April, stopping at around 627 rubles. after the March 648. Check in Moscow dropped to 659 650 to rub.

In the Southern, Ural and Siberian districts, the fluctuations in the values ​​of the average check were insignificant in the direction of plus or minus - 453 rub., 424 rub. and 427 rub., respectively. The most noticeable average check rose in the Volga region - by 4,4% compared to March, to 448 rub. In the North-West region, the check fell by almost 4% - to 548 rub. In the Far East region, the check increased by 2,8% to 485 rub.

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