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Roskachestvo begins to promote the quality of goods

In October, the autonomous non-profit organization Roskachestvo launches a program to promote goods marked with a quality mark in retail chains, Vedomosti writes with reference to a representative of the organization.

According to the interlocutor of the newspaper, different types of promotions are planned: registration of a separate display of goods, goods on the shelf, informing about the compliance of the goods with the quality mark in the checkout area.

International experience shows that the presence of a national quality mark on packaging increases sales in pieces by 20-60%, said a representative of Roskachestvo.

The organization already has agreements with three retailers - Metro Cash & Carry, X5 Retail Group and Lenta. Representatives of Lenta and X5 Retail Group confirmed to the publication that the companies are discussing participation in this project with Roskachestvo.

X5 Retail Group considers the most promising to promote goods with a quality label in catalogs for buyers, said a representative. Additionally, the retailer is ready to make personal e-mails to loyalty card holders.

The pilot project will cover up to 20 retail outlets in three or four regions with different types of goods, said a representative of Roskachestvo. It starts in hypermarkets in mid-October, and in supermarkets and convenience stores in November. The budget of the pilot project is 15 million rubles, which will be spent on the production of advertising materials. The entire campaign will be carried out at the expense of Roskachestvo, retailers and manufacturers will not pay anything, said a representative of the organization.

Roskachestvo was established by the government in April 2015. The organization examines the quality of products, conducts its voluntary certification, according to the results of which it assigns a quality mark. The certification is free of charge, the activities of the organization are funded from the federal budget. The organization's budget for 2016 is 180 million rubles.

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