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Rospotrebnadzor mark products with GMO

In 2017 year on all products produced by genetic engineering, may appear more marked with the icon "GMO". Such amendments to the technical regulations on the labeling of food products in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEC) proposed Rospotrebnadzor.

Manufacturers of the European Union whose products are supplied in the EAEC, considered that the requirement of the Russian side could create unnecessary obstacles to international trade, but their position was rejected, write "News".

Russia invites countries - participants of the EAEC apply additional "GMO" icon on the packaging of food products that contain modified organisms. We are talking about the amendments to the technical regulations "On the labeling of food products" offered by Rospotrebnadzor spring 2016 years. This follows from the issue of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), which are at the disposal of "Izvestia".

The size and shape of this icon in the corrections service is not specified, the document says only that the inscription should be comparable in size to a single sign of products on the market and EAEC located next to it. The basic size of the label must be at least 5 mm specified in ECE.

From the explanatory note to the amendments Rospotrebnadzor implies that the service intends to toughen the existing requirements for the labeling of food products "in respect of the information that these products are obtained with the use of genetically modified organisms or containing such organisms." This step is aimed at providing information to users more visual, detailed and accurate information on the use of GMOs in food products, it follows from the ECE securities.

The customer service representative was unable to explain why the Federal Service believes it is important to label products with GMOs, how dangerous it is and what percentage of food products in Russia contains genetically modified organisms. The Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Health also did not respond promptly to the request for the same publication.

Recall, the current technical regulations on the labeling of products already obliges manufacturers to inform consumers on the product package that it contains GMOs. Thus, the manufacturer is obliged to report on the use of GMOs, if the percentage of these organisms exceeds 0,9%. This information, according to the rules printed in the same font as the other inscriptions on the composition of foods.

Public discussion of the amendments to the technical regulations was completed in August 11. Notes to him came only from the manufacturers of the European Union, which opposed the additional labeling and proposed to abandon the "GMO" icon, arguing that it would lead to unnecessary obstacles to international trade. However, during the hearing the remark foreign colleagues was rejected. Now the document is prepared for the procedure of internal coordination.

The head of the executive committee of the National Meat Association Sergey Yushin told "Izvestia", the vast majority of Russians do not know what GMOs.

- We have a date, there are many other more pressing problems than labeling such designation, - he said.

Meanwhile, voluntary product labeling sign "non-GMO" was practiced in Moscow on 2007 2012 year. In the commercial networks "Dixie" and X5 Retail Group ( «Pyaterochka", "Crossroads," "Carousel") "News" could not tell how the use of such labeling effect on consumers' preferences.

According to the study "Rosindeks" company Ipsos Comcon, related to products with GMO recently improved a little. Thus, reducing the number of people who say that they will never buy products with GMO - with 53 2014% in the year up to 50 2016% at the end of the year.

Managing partner of consulting group Kirikov Group Kirikov Daniel said that Rospotrebnadzor initiative is puzzling in view of the fact that Russian buyers are already informed about the rules for GMO-containing products.

- Introduction of additional labeling by using the icon "GMO" may painfully hit the positions of foreign suppliers of food that is able to lead to the nomination of claims WTO, - the expert believes.

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