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Russia goes to the world record for the grain

In 2016 year Russia will gather a record grain harvest - more than 117 million tons of grain exports will reach 35 million tons. This was stated by Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev during a round table "Russia in the global grain market: strengthening the leading position."

"In a year 2016 117 million tons of grain, grain exports will be assembled in Russia, according to our forecasts, will reach 35 million tons", - said Tkachev. He added that Russia will maintain leadership in the supply of wheat, beating such major suppliers as the EU and the US.

According to Tkachev, currently in Russia collected 117 million tons of grain. "This is a record," - he said, stressing that this is the best grain harvest in recent years 38.

These results, according to the head of the Ministry of Agriculture, has been achieved by increasing yields. Over the years it has increased by 60% - up to 17 27 quintals per hectare. He also stressed that in order to achieve these goals, Russian farmers need to actively increase the use of fertilizers. "We must increase the use of fertilizers in the three times, then there is need to make 8-10 million tons. Only then will we be able to increase productivity by 25% », - he stressed.

"Russia will maintain leadership in the supply of wheat, beating such major suppliers as the EU and the US", - the minister added.

Tkachev noted that grain export accounts for about 70% of revenues from Russian exports of agricultural products.

Export of grain in the current season, according to the forecasts of the Ministry of Agriculture, will reach 35 million tons, of which 28 million tons of wheat. In the previous season 2015 / 2016 grain exports from Russia amounted to 33,9 million tons, including 24,6 million tons of wheat.

Deputy Chairman of the Board, Chief Economist VEB Andrey Klepach believes that Russia will keep the bar a record harvest of grain in the amount of 117 million tons. He stated this at the round table dedicated to the II World Grain Forum in Sochi.

"Planck yield will fluctuate. I think 117 (million tonnes -. RNS) will not hold, will decrease. But the important thing is that we went out for 100 stable ", - he said. Klepach said that the record export 35 million tonnes was not, but Russia has traditionally exported more than 20 million tons in recent years in the season.

"We already have a stable base. But in order to keep it and develop it, we need a serious technological breakthrough in agriculture, "Klepach said.

"If not for all these measures to support agriculture, we would not have such rapid growth. But I need to support the re-adjustment and, maybe, create a system of incentives and export credit. We do not have export subsidies, this is prohibited by the WTO, we need to find ways to solve it ... In fact, we need support and subsidies for exports, "he added.

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