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Russia clears the export duty on wheat

Russia with 23 September cancel export duties on wheat. On this, as reported by TASS, said Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev. Until now, the fee was 50 percent of the customs value of the grain minus 6,5 thousand, but not less than 10 rubles per ton.

2 September, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that the government has decided to reset the two-year export duty on wheat. In August, it was reported that the Ministry of Agriculture has prepared a draft decree of the Cabinet, according to which proposed to abolish fee to 15 September 2016-th to July 1 2018 years.

In 31 ended June agricultural year Russia exported abroad 33,9 million tons of grain. This year, the country may harvest a record for the post-harvest period - 114-116 million tons of grain.

Russia imposed export duties on wheat from February 1 2015 years to stabilize the situation on the domestic grain market, as due to the fall of the ruble export it has become much more profitable than selling domestically. After the introduction of duty formula for its calculation has been changed several times. Russian Grain Union estimated the losses of farmers due to the introduction of export duty on wheat last season in 50 billion rubles.

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