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Russia asks China to remove restrictions meat

Russia once again asked China to remove restrictions on the import of beef and pork, the Rosselkhoznadzor reported on Thursday at the second meeting of the working group on problematic issues of mutual access of animal and vegetable products to the markets of Russia and China.

China 2015 year imposed a ban on import of animal products in relation to the registration in the Russian centers of certain diseases of cattle (cattle) and pigs. In October, during the visit of Chinese experts in Russia for the admission of cattle slaughter products and surveillance system of the pigs showed no serious remarks. However, the cancellation of the prohibition has been received.

In March, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich after a meeting with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said that the Chinese leadership has pledged to speed up the resolution of this issue, and it can be resolved before the end of the year 2016.

"With regard to the export of beef and pork, as well as offal of cattle and swine from Russia to China, the Russian side once again requested that the restrictions on access to these products related to the epizootic situation be lifted," the Rosselkhoznadzor said on Thursday.

During the meeting the sides also discussed issues of mutual exports of fish and seafood, the export of Russian poultry meat and by-products in China, the issues of export of grain and its processing products from Russia to China and electronic certification. It is noted that an agreement was reached on further steps to be taken for the opening of the Russian exports of poultry meat and by-products in China.

So writes "BBC News", currently the Russian side is preparing additional information requested by the Chinese experts in the course of acquaintance with the Russian control and supervision system for the enterprise for slaughtering poultry, as well as for highly pathogenic avian influenza. During 30 working days after receiving the information, the Chinese side will provide the results of this assessment.

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