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Russia reduced quotas for salmon in Japan

Russia and Japan have reduced quotas for Pacific salmon in the Russian economic zone in the year 2016, RNS reported in the press service of the department.

"During the Russian-Japanese negotiations, which were held in Moscow this week, the parties agreed to a significant reduction in quotas for Pacific salmon in the Russian economic zone in 2016 year for Japan" - RNS reported in the press service of the department.

As explained in the Federal Fishery Agency, when in recent years the Japanese side was allocated 10-11 thousand. Tons, this year's quota of "reduced at times."

This is due to the fact that from January 1 2016, in Russian waters is prohibited to carry out fishing driftnets, which Japanese fishermen have fished salmon. In 2016, Japan will try a different method of fishing, such as trawling. However, since the quota is provided on a reimbursable basis, Japan is ready to learn a smaller volume, and the volume of undeveloped salmon come to the Russian shores.

What is the quota will be allocated to Japan next year, will be discussed already at the end of fishing in this season, added to the Federal Agency for Fishery.

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