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Russia to increase grain exports to Brazil and Mexico

USDA sees potential for increasing exports of Russian grain to Brazil and Mexico - the traditional US markets. This was announced by director of market regulation agribusiness department Vladimir Volik RNS in an interview on the eve of II World Grain Forum, which will be held in Sochi 18-19 November.

"We will increase the volume of supply on the African markets and in Latin America. In Mexico, which is the closest neighbor of the largest exporter of grain -. United States, in the last season (2015 / 16) 389 thousand tons of wheat, we are also interested in the Brazilian market "was delivered from Russia, - he said.

According Volik as priority markets for Russian grain are considered the Middle East and North Africa, there is also potential for export development in the Asia-Pacific countries and China.

Earlier, Minister of Agriculture Tkachev reported that in the current season Russia will send the export 35-40 million tons of grain and retain its leading position on the export of wheat.

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