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Russians prefer to buy quality, not cheap confectionery

The state should engage in improving the quality of food products, and not by regulating prices for them, believes more than half of Russians polled by VTsIOM. At the same time, almost 70% began to save on products

Most Russians believe that the state should support Russian producers of products and provide quality control.

This opinion was expressed respectively by 58 and 53% of those polled by the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VCIOM) and the Social Design Center "Platforma" (the survey results are at the disposal of RBC). The survey was conducted over the phone among 1200 people across the country in April 2017.

“If the population had the opportunity to recommend one thing to the authorities - to lower prices or control the quality of [products], then the overwhelming majority of focus group participants would prefer quality control,” the presentation said. That the state should ensure the availability of products, said only 27% of Russians. “Smoking is safer now than eating sausage,” the VTsIOM quoted one respondent as saying. For the sake of lower prices, most respondents are not ready to sacrifice the usual comfort, assortment and quality of products, the researchers conclude.

Quality is a priority for all age groups, while young people from 18 to 24 are more often in favor of low prices for low-income groups than the elderly. In addition, they are less likely to support the Russian manufacturer.

Although now consumers continue to claim readiness to overpay for quality, the majority still buys low-price products, says the executive director of the Association of Retailers, Andrei Karpov. Therefore, the share of such products in the range of stores continues to increase, he notes.

Despite the fact that sometimes retailers claim that only price is important to buyers, most buyers choose the quality and safety of their products, the president of the Pobeda confectionery Vitaly Muraviev does not agree. In confectionery, the trend is particularly noticeable, because chocolate or sweets do not make up most of the family budget and people prefer to buy quality products, but to a lesser extent.

At the same time, about 67% of Russians said that over the past year they began to save more on products. The search for low prices is one of the main factors when choosing a store, the study says. The most popular are chain stores: 65% of those polled buy most of the basic necessities in them. Prices in them are lower than in other retail outlets, say 53% of Russians.

In addition, according to VTsIOM, 82% of Russians are negative about the initiative to limit the time of operation of hypermarkets. At the end of March, the senators finished drafting a bill that would include in the Law on Trade a provision prohibiting large stores from working at night. At the same time, it was suggested to limit the time for hypermarkets at the weekend.

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