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Russians have become less alcohol abuse

Alcohol consumption in Russia over the past five years has decreased by almost a third, and so the reduction in the number of alcohol poisoning. In an interview with told Chief Freelance Health Ministry psychiatrist, director of the Moscow Scientific and Practical Center of Addictions Eugene Brune.

According to him, now an adult consumes on average per year 12,8 liters of absolute alcohol, ie ethanol. "Five or six years ago, the official figure was 18 liters" - Brun said.

He added that consumption decreased due to alcohol market regulation by the state, the economic crisis and the work of drug treatment.

At the same time over the past three years, approximately 25-30 percent decreased the number of alcohol poisoning. "In the last two years, we found that after the New Year holidays the number of calls increases than 15 percent, as before, but only five. That is, the excess of post-holiday appeals fell three times ", - said Brune.

Excessive use of alcohol, according to him, have become smaller due to the economic crisis and to ban the sale of alcohol at night. Brun said that the consumption of alcohol and drugs - "is always indicative thing, reflecting the underlying processes in the society."

"The money people are now less and the first reaction - to save on alcohol", - explained the Brune, cautioning that if the money will be even less, then start drinking more.

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