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Russians still prefer STM

The research holding Romir found out that the majority of Russians are aware of the existence of goods produced under their own brands of networks. Moreover, more than half of Russian citizens permanently acquire STM for the past 1,5-2 years.

The survey showed that about STM heard something most Russians - 87%. However, only 44% of them know that the STM - a trademark that belongs to retail stores where it is sold. Every fifth Russian is convinced that the STM - it's just the cheapest products, which are sold in the store.

The most purchased STM for the last three months were dairy products and cereals / pasta, they were purchased by 31% of Russians. Every fourth customer bought STM confectionery, and 17% - bought chilled poultry and meat under the brand of networks.

More on 10% of respondents said that buying private label category of tea / coffee and juices / drinks. In 9% of the respondents named categories such as fish / seafood, chocolate and cleaners. 8% of respondents purchased oil and seasonings, 7% - frozen vegetables and fruits, 6% - cosmetics and care products and hygiene.

Research has shown that the purchase of the STM is not a trend or an attempt to save the crisis, as more than half of the buyers of private label indicated that they began to purchase more than one and a half or two years ago. Slightly more than a third, namely 37% of respondents said they first purchased the products of own brands of networks during the last six months, a year. And over the past three months in the camp STM consumers add more 7% of respondents.

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