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China has replaced Turkey in the list of the main buyers of Russian food. In the first nine months of the year 2016 its share in exports was 10,8%. For a year supply categories such as ice cream, wine and chocolate, rose 3-5 times.

Increase to FISH

China has become a major buyer of Russian food in 2016 year, according to data of the Federal Customs Service (FCS), analyzed RBC. From January to September, the country purchased in the Russian food worth over $ 1,13 billion, 22,1% more than in the first nine months of last year. Thus, China's share of total imports of Russian products reached APK 10,8%, calculated Russian Export Center (REC). A year earlier it amounted to 9% for the same period. Then the top major importers led Turkey with 11% of shares. Who is this country has to 9,1%.

Leadership of China is likely to continue in the future. In early November, the Russian manufacturers, including APC 'Stoylenskaya Niva "(bakery), Mikoyan meat processing plant and the company Aqua Life (trademark" Drinks from Chernogolovka "), entered into a preliminary agreement to supply China products worth over $ 110 million, told RBC's director of international projects of REC Mikhail Mamonov.

According to statistics from the REC, the largest percentage of shipments to China - more than 60% - falls on the frozen fish. In the first nine months of this production it was at $ 710,4 million. As a rule, the Chinese cook from her fish sticks and other semi-finished products.

The next largest category - soy, sunflower and soybean oil, which are actively used by the Chinese food industry. They occupy 8,4%, 7,9% and 4,1%, respectively.

However, in addition to these traditional tradable goods rising delivery, and other categories with 2015 years. For example, according to the Federal Customs Service estimates that in the first nine months of the year 2016 12 China bought more than thousand. Tons of chocolate at $ 38,4 million. This is almost four times higher than last year's figures. Thus, China has become the second largest buyer of Russian chocolate after Kazakhstan, says the executive director of the confectionery market Elizaveta Nikitin research. According to her, last year China was not included even in the top ten importers.

According to the Federal Customs Service data, three times (up to $ 1,3 million) increased supply of fruit and vegetable juices, in 3,8 times (up to $ 1,8 million) - grape wines. In the summer of the first batch of 17,6 thousand. Bottles in China sent the Crimean "Massandra". Two years ago, the market went Wine Holding "Abrau-Durso". Volumes are still small and are measured in tens of thousands of bottles, but in the future the company intends to deliver 3 million bottles a year, he told RBC President of Russian wine house "Abrau-Durso" Pavel Titov.

Most of all - five times (up to $ 4,2 million), according to the FCS, - increased exports to China of Russian ice cream. Obviously, Chinese President Xi Jinping, thanks in September of this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin for donated a box of ice cream, was not alone in his love for the product. There has also been a marked increase in the supply of bakery products, flour and baby food.

Senior analyst at consumer sector Raiffeisenbank Natalia explains Kolupaeva impressive dynamics of many product categories the low base effect. But there are other reasons.

incredulous CLASS

The main consumer of imported food in China is a growing middle class, which is often wary of local producers, confirmed by three experts interviewed by RBC.

To feed the billion-strong population, China was previously forced to use a huge amount of non-ecological fertilizers and chemicals to increase yields, recalls Vitaly Monkevich, president of the Russian-Asian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RASPP). "Therefore, today the theme of natural organic products and healthy food in China is more urgent than ever," he said. In large cities, specialized supermarkets work, where the share of imported products can reach 100%. And the demand for such goods is growing, despite their increased cost, says Monkevich.

If we talk specifically about the Russian goods, the motivating factor was the devaluation of the national currency. With the same quality of Russian products became cheaper, Mamonov explained. In turn, the Russian suppliers have become more active to enter foreign markets to receive the proceeds in foreign currency, adds a representative of REC (calculations with China are mainly in US dollars).

The position of China as the largest buyer of Russian food will only increase, according to experts interviewed by RBC. In particular, the demand for imported food will increase, because from 1 January 2016 the ban on the second child in the family was lifted. In addition, manufacturers hope that in 2017, the Asian partner will open its market for Russian meat. Formal permission for chicken meat has already been obtained. The question of the supply of red meat is under discussion. If it is resolved positively, within four to five years Russia will supply 500-600 thousand tons of products to China, predicts the head of the executive committee of the National Meat Association, Sergei Yushin.

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