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Russian brand Yelli deserved recognition of international experts

Yelli, one of the flagship brands of the Trade House “Fair”, was named the best Russian product in the category “Healthy nutrition” at the international exhibition SIAL Paris. The choice in favor of Yelli was made by an expert jury that included representatives from 28 countries.

SIAL - the largest international exhibition of food, beverages and hospitality industry. The event takes place every two years from 1964. 2016 countries and 100 from the French region took part in SIAL Paris 22, representing a total of more than 7 thousand exhibits. The exhibition features food, wine, soft drinks and spirits, services of the hospitality industry, as well as the latest technologies in the food industry.

“SIAL Paris has been held for more than 50 years, which indicates both the interest of the target audience and the effectiveness of participation in the event for the food industry. After all, SIAL Paris is one of the leading sites in terms of concluded international transactions with food manufacturers, ”commented Maria Chimirko, brand manager of TD“ Fair ”. “We felt that participation in the competition organized as part of the exhibition will open up new opportunities for promoting the Yelli brand in foreign markets.”

Yelli is a collection of sophisticated light cooking dishes that collected the best recipes of national cuisines of the world - Russia, India, Tajikistan, America, Italy, Greece, France, Mexico and Peru. At the moment, the Yelli collection includes 20 first and second courses. Yelli products consist exclusively of natural ingredients, no flavor enhancers, no preservatives, no dyes, and no salt. At the same time, all components necessary for cooking are contained in one package.

At the end of SIAL Paris 2016, Yelli dishes received the World tour winner SIAL sign in the Healthy Nutrition category, one of three in which an international jury of 28 experts selected the best products from participating countries. Yelli, according to the jury, overtook all other Russian goods, being the most innovative.

“Today, people all over the world are paying more and more attention to their health, consumption habits are changing. However, the high rate of life makes it difficult to balance the speed of cooking, their taste and benefit. Our dishes, produced under the brand Yelli, allow us to solve this problem, - says Maria Chimirko. - In Russia, the sign of World tour winner SIAL is not yet widely known, but for large world buyers it means a lot. This not only allowed us to adequately represent Russia at the international exhibition and draw attention to domestic food products, but also opened the way for Yelli to the markets of countries where we are not yet represented. ”

About the company:

Trade House "Fair" - one of the leading companies in the market of cereals in Russia. The company declared itself in 1995 and at the moment holds a stable position in the food industry. The company specializes in the production of high-quality natural products for proper nutrition. The Fairs assortment includes products from 100% high-quality natural products in the cooking, easy-to-prepare and ready-to-eat segments. The company owns brands Yelli, Bravolli! and Fair. “Fair” is a full-cycle enterprise with competencies, technologies and production facilities for creating innovative and sought-after products.

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