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Russian producers is given priority

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approved a resolution fixing the priority of Russian products during procurement. Document posted on Friday, September 17, on the government website.

"The priority is given to goods of Russian origin, works and services performed by Russian persons in relation to goods originating from a foreign state, work, services performed by foreign persons," the resolution says.

The document will come into force from January 1 2017 years. As noted in the explanatory memorandum, it is intended to stimulate the development of all sectors of the Russian economy.

On plans to introduce preferences regime of Russian products in public procurement Medvedev told 7 September. He said that he considered the task of the state "to ensure priority for their products and services." "But, of course, to apply such a decision should be meaningful, that it does not lead to a narrowing of the market, and washout of goods that are in demand," - said the head of government, adding that one should proceed from the interests of consumers.

In late August, the government limited the state purchases of certain types of imported food. The list of prohibited for public procurement of goods were 23 goods, among them - caviar, beef, veal, pork, milk, rice, sugar, salt, processed and preserved fish.

Russia has a law establishing the procurement rules for public companies and corporations with 2011 years. According to the document, the government has the right to set the priority of domestic goods, works or services to such purchases, but the relevant regulations have not yet been taken.

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