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Russian beef found fit for the European Union

Rosselkhoznadzor is in talks about the possibility of supplying beef to the European Union, since international organizations have recognized Russia as a zone free from foot and mouth disease without vaccination. About it reports "RIA Novosti" with reference to the assistant head of the department Vasily Lavrovsky.

“Russia's position in international organizations is heard. At the last session of the International Epizootic Bureau, the status of Russia as a zone free from foot and mouth disease without vaccination was recognized. This allows us to begin shipping animal products to new markets. In particular, we are negotiating with the European Union so that they consider the possibility of buying beef from us, ”Lavrovsky said.

A few years ago, the EU banned the supply of Russian beef due to the detection of cases of foot and mouth disease in some areas in the Far East. In addition, the EU refused to recognize the regional veterinary certificates, which allowed the supply of products from areas not affected by the disease.

In response, Russia banned the supply of pork from some EU countries after the appearance of African swine fever in these countries. In this connection, the European Union filed a lawsuit against Russia in the WTO arbitration.

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