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Russian nelma against Norwegian salmon

In Central Finland, in Laukaa, they are breeding a new kind of fish for Finland - nelma. Great hopes are pinned on the nelma imported from Russia - it should, according to the plans, gradually take the place of Norwegian salmon on the consumption market.

For the first time, nelma caviar was brought to Laukaa more than six years ago, writes Yle. Nelma is the real dream of a fishmonger: she grows up to fifty kilograms, she has tasty meat and she tolerates diseases well when grown artificially.

Nelma is a species of predatory fish, which in nature easily reaches one and a half meters in length and weighs twenty or more kilos. Nelma is a northern fish, it gets along best in cold water. This species is common in water bodies of Siberia, as well as in North America, Alaska and Canada.

- In Russia, it is bred artificially, since in the wild it is under threat of extinction. They are trying to maintain the population through artificial cultivation, where it is highly valued for its taste. We want it to take root in Finland as well, ”comments Petri Heininmaa from the Center for Natural Resources.

The Finnish consumer market has long been in need of fish that could replace imported Norwegian salmon on the Finnish buyer's table. The demand for tender white nelma meat is expected to be particularly high among restaurateurs.

“We expect the private sector to look closely at nelma and give it a chance,” Heininmaa comments. - Of course, this is a risk, since there are other popular types, stores buy and sell their usual fish, as well as the end consumer, but I believe that we have the opportunity for success.

Nelma grows slowly. It will take another couple of years before the fry, which are now splashing in barrels and awaiting disembarkation in the reservoir, will grow so much that they can be served on the table.

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