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The growth of the Brazilian real impact on coffee and sugar

Prices of sugar and coffee grown on the background of the strengthening of the Brazilian real, according to Financial Times.

During the bidding 10 April the Brazilian real rose by more than 1% - up to 3,48 reals to the dollar, and therefore the price of sugar also rose to 1% - up to 16,06 cents per pound, the price of Arabica coffee - to 1,5%, to $ 1,284 per pound.

Brazil is the largest producer of sugar and coffee in the world.

The current volatility of the real, due to uncertainty about the process of impeachment of the President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff. Brazil's currency fell after the suspension of the process of the ad in the beginning of the week, then restored after resumption of growth.

The price of sugar is also supported by concern because of the drought in Brazil and India, according to RNS.

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