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Christmas in the United States: bulbs instead avtoshtrafov

The sheriff of a county of the US state of Florida in honor of the upcoming Christmas handing out violators of traffic rules bulbs instead of fines. It is reported by WFTV channel.

On Wednesday, December 21, Sheriff Lou Caputo went on duty near an elementary school in the city of Marathon (Florida) in a Greench suit. By the end of the day, he stopped about a dozen drivers who had exceeded five miles per hour or less (about eight kilometers per hour). Each of them was offered a choice: fine or onion. Most violators chose a vegetable.

For Caputo Pre duty in a suit Grinch has long become a tradition. Police distributes bulbs with 2000 years, reports "to", when the screens out comedy "Grinch - Stole Christmas" with Jim Carrey in the title role. The film tells about a green creature named Grinch, who hates the holidays.

In November it was reported that Minnesota police threatened to force caught before Thanksgiving drunk drivers listen covers band One Direction on the way to jail.

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