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RPN: The quality of bread in Russia has improved markedly

The quality of bread in Russia in recent years has improved 10, said Head of the Department of organization of sanitary inspection Rospotrebnadzor food hygiene (RPN) Ludmila Chikin at a press conference on Wednesday ROSPiK.

"As a result of 2015 years 58 hlebomolnyh tons and flour products were rejected, but it is 13 times less than it was in 2004 year", - said Chikin.

"According to the results of laboratory studies, we have in recent years 10 bread quality is improved", - she said. According Chikin, over the last decade in terms of microbiological indicators of the proportion of substandard products in the samples decreased 3,5 times, sanitary and chemical - and fell less than 1%. On physical and chemical parameters of the share of low-quality products samples remained at 3%, but there is a steady downward trend, she added.

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