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RSKHN: will focus milk from Poland

The head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Sergey Dankvert proposed to treat the Polish milk on the border as Poland belongs to the Soviet monuments. He expressed this opinion, speaking at the III International agroindustrial dairy forum.

"If we have to you," Savushkin Product "in Belarus imported 100 thousand tons of milk from Poland and sent to Russia 105 thousand tons of dairy, we have to see in the electronic certificate that is milk Polish, then, on the border I thereto treated as related to us as are our monuments in Poland ", - he said.

Rosselkhoznadzor may tighten control over the quality of dairy products imported at checkpoints on the border in Russia, said Sergei Dankvert.

"We have received from the Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich order to provide information parallel to the information that gives the Federal Service and be able to control the administrative border of more quality indicators (dairy products -. RNS)», - Dankvert said.

He stressed that the preparatory work carried out, and after some time the measures are taken in this area, will be announced. Dankvert also said that it was revealed already 349 cases of falsification of Belarusian dairy products and 40 revoked certificates of conformity. "This is what we have just started. The situation requires intervention, "- he stressed.

Suspend the import into Russia of Polish milk, re-exported from Belarus, as well as finished products made by Belarusian companies of Polish raw materials, is currently impossible. This "" said Director of Public Relations "Soyuzmoloko" (National Dairy Producers Union) Maria Zhebit.

According to her, the rules of the Eurasian Economic Commission (it includes Russia and Belarus) does not allow you to restrict such shipments.

"Technologically impossible to track the movement of Polish milk and the degree of its processing on the territory of Belarus", - she said.

Milk from Poland in Russia is now prohibited because of the food embargo against all EU countries. At the same time, Belarus supplies products to Russia presumably from Polish raw materials. Immediately after the imposition of sanctions, the volume of Polish milk supplies to Belarus increased sharply.

31 March this year it became known that the Polish authorities are planning to demolish about 500 Soviet monuments across the country.

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