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RSKHN partially restrict imports from China Fish

Rosselkhoznadzor (RSKHN) with 29 September introduce temporary restrictions on imports of frozen fillets of tilapia produced in Chinese enterprise Zhenie Aquatic (Huilong) ltd, reports "RIA Novosti" referring to the agency.

"In connection with the detection of banned and harmful substances in the period of intensive laboratory monitoring products, received in Russia from China, Rosselkhoznadzor with 29 September 2016 year introduced temporary restrictions on the supply of goods Russia with the company", - stated in the indication Office in respect Zhenie Aquatic (Huilong) ltd.

In addition, with 14 September Rosselkhoznadzor has introduced enhanced control over Chinese enterprises Haili Aquatic Co., ltd. Zhaoan Fujian and Shangai Zhoulian Foods Co., ltd.

It is noted that the decision was taken in relation to the initial detection of prohibited and harmful substances. These companies have supplied to Russia shrimp.

In early August Rosselkhoznadzor temporarily limited the supply of Russian fish and seafood produced by Chinese companies Dalian Minglu Foods Co., Ltd and Fujian Huanong Food Co., Ltd, in connection with the detection of banned and harmful substances in their products.

Then it was noted that the Russian authorities were able to identify harmful substances in frozen pollock fillets production Dalian Minglu Foods Co., Ltd and frozen roasted eel production Fujian Huanong Food Co., Ltd.

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