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RSKHN gives go-ahead for the importation of products from Egypt

Rosselkhoznadzor allowed to bring in Russian All fruits and vegetables from Egypt, except potatoes. This RNS spokesman Rosselkhoznadzor Julia Melano after meeting the head of department Sergey Dankvert with senior adviser of Agriculture Egyptian Zaki Saad Nassar.

"Be allowed to bring some fruits, vegetables, vegetable products from Egypt," - she said.

"We open everything except the potatoes," - he added chalk.

Russia with 22 September banned the import of citrus fruits, tomatoes and other produce from Egypt. The reason for the ban was the systematic violation of Egypt's international and Russian phytosanitary requirements when supplying products to Russia, Rosselkhoznadzor reported.

Limitation of Rosselkhoznadzor was introduced shortly after Egypt has banned the importation of imported wheat containing ergot fungus over 0%. The ban followed a tightening of the rules of the agricultural quarantine, after the Egyptian port of Damietta detained 30 tons of wheat from Russia, which, according to the Egyptian side, could be contaminated with ergot. Last week, Egypt lifted the ban on the import of wheat from fungus ergot.

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