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RSKHN does not want to miss the Belarusian jelly

Rosselkhoznadzor (RSKHN) is not going in the near future to remove restrictions on the import into Russia of dairy products from some companies of Belarus. This Tass agency spokesman Julia chalk.

"In general, the situation with regard to the existing restrictions on dairy enterprises has not changed", - she said.

Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Rusyi 21 December said that "literally, this week restrictions will be lifted against Belarusian enterprises". Earlier, Rosselkhoznadzor limited the supply of dairy products to Russia from 20 Belarusian enterprises.

Melano said that yesterday Rosselkhoznadzor specialists explained to Belarusian experts the claims of the agency to the quality and safety of dairy products supplied from Belarus. "So, for the Belarusian side it was news that the subject veterinary services of Russia are not part of the Rosselkhoznadzor system. They were especially surprised that the results of laboratory research, to which our colleagues were oriented, were not carried out by our laboratories. At the same time, it is strange that all the test reports previously provided by the Rosselkhoznadzor were somehow ignored by colleagues, "she explained.

The Russian ministry called on Belarus to join the program early warning laboratory (Syrah). With this program is possible online to find out the results of laboratory research products supplied to Russia.

The Belarusian side instead of solving problems with the quality of the product is a verbal fight with the Russian authorities.

"In the current situation, it is difficult to understand the tactics of the behavior of Belarusian colleagues. So, instead of understanding the technical aspects of Rosselkhoznadzor's claims, the Belarusians are following the path of "bazaar" PR, in order to attract public attention to the problem, resorting to the most tactless expressions and transitions to individuals at the level of high leadership, "Melano said.

As an example, she cited the situation in the Belarusian media. In one talk show the head of the National State Television and Radio Davydko Gennady said that after Gennady Onishchenko (previously head of Rospotrebnadzor) led Rosselkhoznadzor Sergei Dankvert. In his view, it is from the head come complaints about the quality of Belarusian products. "Here, especially for the distinguished gentleman Davydko, I would like to eliminate a certain gap in his knowledge and inform that Mr. Onishchenko never led Rosselkhoznadzor", - he stressed the chalk.

Recall, the head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Sergey Dankvert accused Belarus that the country actively uses the situation, when the Russian market was closed for the supply of the EU and Ukraine, and behaves while in bad faith. Sounded claims they refer not only to re-export products of sanctions, but also the quality of the Belarusian milk.

In response, the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko sharply criticized the head of the Russian authorities and reproached the government that it has remained silent in response to the unjust accusations. The controversy hurried to join the Belarusian officials and the press. Russian Ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov also got to zaschitubelorussky enterprises and promised that the head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Sergey Dankvert "will be reprimanded."

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