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RSKHN limits re-fruits from Belarus

Rosselkhoznadzor (RSKHN) with 28 September imposed a ban on the issuance of phytosanitary certificates for re-export through Belarus to Russia fruit and berries originating from the Central African Republic (CAR) and Burkina Faso, according to the agency.

"In order to prevent the import into Russia of agricultural products has fallen under the restrictions imposed by the Russian President and the Government of the Russian Federation, Rosselkhoznadzor has sent a letter to the State Inspection for seed-growing, quarantine and protection of plants Belarus to ban extradition with 28 September 2016 years phytosanitary certificates for re-export RF peaches, nectarines and grapes originating CAR and apricots, strawberries and pears origin Burkina Faso ", - said in a statement.

During the talks, representatives of the NPPO of the CAR and Burkina Faso informed the Rosselkhoznadzor that carried out work to verify the authenticity of the phytosanitary certificates. They have already identified a number of fake certificates in connection with which the CAR is developing a new form of certificate, reinforced to increase the protection that will soon send to the Rosselkhoznadzor.

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