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"Rusagro" decided to freeze greenhouse project

The board of directors of the agroholding Rusagro decided to freeze the project for the construction of 100 hectares of greenhouses in the Tambov region. The project requires state support, the volume of which in the 2017 year will be insufficient, the company noted.

On the freezing of the project for the construction of greenhouses in the Tambov region, the company itself said. “18 in November 2016 was decided by the board of directors to freeze the project on the production of green vegetables, approved in March of this year. The project showed a high level of sensitivity to the volume of state support, ”the message of Rusagro said. The company noted that the amount of state support in 2017 will not be sufficient for the development of the project.

The fact that Rusagro decided to start the development of a project for growing vegetables in greenhouses became known in March 2016. The project involved the construction of modern greenhouse complexes in the Tambov region on an area of ​​about 100 ha for year-round production of vegetables (cucumbers and tomatoes), lettuce and greens. The company expected to start construction this summer, Maxim Basov, the company's general director, said during a conference call.

The cost of the project "Rusagro" was estimated at about 24 billion rubles. The amount of funds has not been revised, Svetlana Kuznetsova, director of investments at Rusagro, told RNS. The company was counting on the support of the Ministry of Agriculture on the mechanism of subsidizing interest rates on loans and reimbursing 20% of the capital construction costs.

How much will be allocated for agriculture

In September of this year, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced that the government does not plan to reduce support for agriculture in 2017. According to him, in 2016, agricultural support will total 214 billion rubles.

But in a draft budget published in October, the Ministry of Finance proposed to allocate 2017 billion to the state program for the development of the agro-industrial sector in 204,5. - Almost 10 billion rubles less.

These funds for the development of the industry are not enough, warned the head of the Ministry of Agriculture, Alexander Tkachev. Speaking at a government hour in the Federation Council in November, he asked State Duma and Federation Council deputies to allocate additional 10 – 20 billion rubles to develop the industry in 2017.

After the State Duma 18 November adopted the draft budget in the first reading, Medvedev said that the state will always support the farmers and keep the financing of the agro-industrial complex at a high level. “We have recently decided to keep budget allocations to the agro-industrial complex at the achieved high level. Well, literally an hour and a half ago, these proposals were supported by the State Duma, which voted in its first reading for the draft state budget, ”he added.

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