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"Russolo" promised to avoid deficit

Russia's largest producer of salt, the company "Russolo" supported the government's decision to salt inclusion in the list of products that are prohibited from being imported from countries that have imposed sanctions against Russia.

On Tuesday, September 13, reports TASS.

General director of the company Sergey Cherny said that it will not lead to a boom in the market or to a shortage of this product. He reminded that Russia has banned the import of Ukrainian salt - and it does not create problems for consumers. Imports can be completely replaced by the Astrakhan salt, said Black.

Earlier in September 13 "Interfax" reported that the Russian government has decided to extend an embargo on food salt. This measure will take effect from November this year.

Grocery embargo Russia in 2014 year for producers from the EU. In July this year the European Union has extended economic sanctions against Russia for six months, until January 31 2017 years, due to lack of progress in the execution of the Minsk agreements.

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