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Armed assault on the capital store "attacks"

Law enforcement officers detained an unemployed Muscovite who has committed a robbery at the supermarket "attack" in the western district of the capital. On Thursday, September 1, the news agency of the city "Moscow" informed a source in law enforcement.

According to him, a statement to the police approached the store manager. "Arrived on the staff learned that an unknown, threatening with a knife 63-year-old supervisor of a trading hall, openly stole from a supermarket trolley with products 3,8 thousand food and disappeared", - he told the agency.

The detention was made after 10 minutes in hot pursuit. In 32-year-old man seized a kitchen knife. According to a source in the police, in fact the incident a criminal case under article "Robbery."

In April of this year, law enforcement officers detained two men who for two weeks systematically stealing carts of "Auchan", Odintsovo. Attackers were Belarusian citizens. Swag they handed over to scrap.

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