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Since early this year 151 RPN withdrew ton sanktsionki

Since the beginning of the year, not a single batch of products has been imported into Russia from countries in respect of which there is a food embargo, reports Rospotrebnadzor (RPN). 94 tons of products were removed from sales in stores.

“Since the beginning of 2016, the sanctions products were not identified when imported into the Russian Federation,” the agency said.

Since 6 in August, when a ban was imposed on the import of certain types of food from the EU, the United States and some other countries, Rospotrebnadzor employees deployed thousands of tons of goods at the border of 2,7.

“More than 151 tonnes of banned products were withdrawn from turnover, the largest volume is in fruits (139 tons), dairy products (3,6 tons), meat and meat products (2,7 tons) and vegetables (2,5 tons). Of these, since the beginning of 2016, 94 tons of banned products have been withdrawn from the sale of the country, ”the agency indicates.

To import, in particular, dairy products, meat, vegetables, fruits, fish.

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