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Sberbank filed a lawsuit against the producer "Arkhyz"

Sberbank filed a lawsuit on bankruptcy "Visma Lux" company owner Valery Geryugova, follows from the materials of the Arbitration Court of Karachaevo-Cherkessia. "Visma Lux" - a legal entity of mineral water producer "Arkhyz".

The sum of Sberbank’s claims is 1,81 billion rubles. Sberbank also filed a petition to participate in the court hearing through the use of video conferencing. Other details of the claim are unknown.

As the portal notes, Sberbank provided credit to Visma Suite in 2012, now the company's overdue debt to the bank amounts to 1,8 billion rubles. The loan has not been serviced since November 2014, the guarantor is Geryugov.

The bankruptcy procedure, according to the portal, was launched not only in relation to Geryugov, but also in relation to Visma Suite.

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