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Selfies bottle of Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Israeli unit in conjunction with the local agency Gefen Team developed a selfie-bottle. The device, combined with a bottle of fizzy drink, became a hit summer festival Israel's Summer Love.

Information about the selfie-bottle placed on the page of the Israeli division of the company to Facebook.

Coca-Cola introduced a device that is attached to the bottom of the bottle on the outside and automatically takes a picture when she bends down to 70 degrees, that is, when a person drinks from it. Mass production of selfie-bottle is not expected, the device is extended only during Israel's Summer Love festival.

Coca-Cola annually develops the Israeli festival unusual device. A year ago, the company carries out the action "Wish in a bottle", in which the bottles distributed with sensors that triggered when a man opened the bottle. The device sends a signal to close the flying drone, which has launched a volley from the sky. The shape of its flame looked like a shooting star.

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