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North Ossetian factory Damsoff is preparing to conquer the Russian market

Of course, this is not a powerful production of the Ordzhonikidze confectionary factory, which produced various types of chocolate and caramel sweets, among which the famous "Bird Milk", three decades ago. But still, let and in small volumes, but candy from pure chocolate with various fillings, including with a natural nut, in Vladikavkaz are stably produced.

And they have already managed to win recognition not only from citizens, but also from residents of neighboring regions, as well as from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Only a natural product, without soy and any substitutes, only original fillings, which give the name to the variety “Bavarian chocolate”, “Dairy”, “Cashew nut”, “Fondue” and others. And by all means - a bright foil wrapper, corresponding to premium class body candies. The creator and director of the candy factory "Damzoff" Soslan Damzov is convinced that if you have already done something, then do it conscientiously. So he was raised by his father, who in Soviet times worked as a forwarder in a factory. “I still remember the wonderful taste of halva, caramel, which was made there,” says Soslan. - Once after many years I came to the factory and was struck by the devastation and desertion of the once full of life shops. My father’s lorry was in the yard, unnecessary to anyone. ”

Then I decided that I would make sweets. The diploma of a technician-technologist of catering of the Ordzhonikidze trade technical school was not given by God what knowledge in the production of chocolates, but still there were general directions. The time was not easy, crisis, 2008 - oh year. I sat down at the computer, searched for information, chose, analyzed. The army hardening, acquired during military actions in Moldova and Transdniestria, helped - the task was set, and it should be carried out. After the picture became clearer, and it became clear what exactly to acquire, I bought the operating machines and mastered the technological process to perfection. But before that I had spoiled three tons of chocolate and everything in order to find my own unique combination of all the ingredients, which would give the candy a recognizable taste and shape.

Now the factory is running smoothly. There are stable orders, there are trading partners who are happy to take Damzoff products. About the miracle - the sweets from Ossetia were also found in Europe: on the glossy wrapper the “Made in North Ossetia” is certainly indicated. The Germans and the Austrians would be happy to buy, but, unfortunately, the available capacity cannot produce the amount that a foreign buyer needs. And he basically does not want to collect in small portions Soslan Damzov: the goods should be only fresh.

“We would love to do the tiles, and Bird's milk would be revived, but we do not have the funds to purchase machine tools,” says the entrepreneur. “One machine only for packaging costs more than a million rubles.” It is hoped that in the republic in the near future, programs will be launched to support small and medium-sized businesses, for which a new guarantee fund is being created, and then, such as Damzov, they will be able to expand their production. There is a problem with frames. We bake pies and cakes, but specialists in the republic are not preparing candy technologists. But the leadership of North Ossetia recently focuses the attention of the Ministry of Education on the training of precisely those specialists who require real production. So there is hope that the Damzoff brand will push geographical boundaries and acquire deserved recognition both in the Russian open spaces and abroad.

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