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SF: to replenish the budget at the expense of harmful products

Budget revenues can be increased by previously involved resources, including excise duties on tobacco and on the so-called harmful products. On Tuesday, November 8, said the chairman of the Federation Council (FC), Valentina Matvienko, reports TASS.

According to her, "we must act boldly" in this direction.

Matvienko said that in the past year due to the manipulation of the volume of alcohol sold budget has missed more than 40 billion rubles. In the first nine months of the current year the growth of revenues from excise duties exceeded the 20 percent. Control when importing allowed to increase customs duties on the import of alcohol four times before 31 billion rubles.

In August, the Finance Ministry proposed to increase the minimum retail price for vodka with up to 190 197 0,5 rubles per liter. In late September, the Ministry of Industry, on the other hand, called for the reduction of the minimum cost of the drink. According to ministry officials, it is the optimal price 100 0,5 rubles per liter.

At the beginning of the year 2016 the State Duma introduced a bill on the introduction of the excise tax on chips and soda. It was assumed that the rates will be 16 rubles per liter and the 12 100 rubles per gram of product, respectively. It was reported that a similar decision may be taken in respect of excise duties on palm oil. Since then, the government regularly denies the information on the introduction of excise duties.

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