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Chocolate Alenka brand introduced crunchy novelty

The famous brand "Alenka" ® factory "Red October" shortly before the New Year holidays in a hurry to announce the new product. "Alenka" ® has replenished with another taste, original and mischievous, which adults and children will surely enjoy. A new taste is another reason for the whole family to have a tea party and try the crispy tale from Alenka ®.

"Alenka» ® loves to surprise and delight. At this time of the milk chocolate includes popcorn and caramel explosive: the bold combination of flavors and sensations. Slightly salty popcorn gives milk chocolate a special piquant note, and small crystals of explosive caramel cause a smile and for a moment allow adults to return to a happy childhood. The children are also pleasant effect of explosive caramel, so confectioners have decided to use this popular ingredient in milk chocolate "Alenka» ®.

The novelty with an original additive is a continuation of the Alenka ® milk chocolate line with unexpected tastes. Two years ago, Alenka ® Sweet Mosaic ® ® was launched, which includes a colorful dragee. The mass of the tile is 100 grams.

I want fun and celebration for the whole family? "Alenka» ® Crispy tale "is now available!

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