The system "1S-Rarus" Ladurée helps maintain the quality of French desserts

In the information system created with the help of solutions “1-Rarus: Restaurant Management” and “Restaart”, workplaces for cashiers, waiters, administrators, storekeepers and accountants are organized. The new system helps to track inventory, so that 15 types of macaroni desserts, delivered directly from France, are always available.

High European standards are observed when serving customers, guests can fully enjoy fresh French desserts, and management monitors and analyzes all work online.

Ladurée - the first Moscow pastry boutiques of the famous French chain. Every expanse of sweet tooth is waiting here: 15 types of macaroni cakes, which are specially delivered from France, and even delicious chocolate, jam, tea, and many other delicacies.

The history of Ladurée began in 1862, when miller and amateur writer Louis-Ernest Ladure opened a bakery in Paris. After a few years, the institution was transformed and turned into a tea salon, where women could meet with their girlfriends. And in 1930, Ladure’s heir, Pierre Defontaine, invented a dessert that made the confectionery famous. This dessert was pastry "macaroni" in their modern form - two halves, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, combined with ganache cream. Since then, cakes have become a landmark dessert in a candy store.

The first Ladurée chain pastry shops opened in France in 1997, now around the world there are already more than 50, and more recently pastry boutiques opened in Russia - in the very center of Moscow - first on Malaya Bronnaya, and a little later in GUM.

Bakhtiyor Nikolkin, Ladurée brand manager in Russia, notes: “The opening of the first confectionery in Moscow took place in a fairly short time, and we immediately approached the question of the precise organization of business processes thoroughly - we planned automation. Having monitored the market, we were faced with the fact that not all contractors are able to meet our short deadlines. However, "1-Rarus" coped perfectly well! Within two months, the specialists created a system in which the entire accounting is organized today. ”

Taking into account the specifics of the confectionery, the specialists of 1-Rarus created a new system based on two industry solutions: 1-Rarus: Restaurant Management and RestaArt.

The main results of the project:

Automated inventory processes. With the help of the system, you can accurately track the dates of delivery of cakes from Paris, control the delivery and expiration dates, promptly write off. This guarantees customers every day the presence of fresh and favorite desserts. The created system is irreplaceable when preparing your own confectionery dishes: it allows you to calculate the volume of ingredients required for each dessert and control the precise step-by-step preparation according to the recipes. Correct product purchase plans are made, without additional unscheduled orders and a temporary stop in sales, which generally saves resources. The system records all orders of visitors, information about which instantly enters the kitchen. This allows staff to concentrate on service and direct communication with each guest and ensure high quality service. With the help of the loyalty management subsystem, sales of gift cards and the opportunity for buyers to pay with such cards are organized. This increases the influx of loyal customers who can, as a pleasant present, give each other a trip to a candy store or celebrate a significant event here. Boutique management is actively using the system for reporting. The system automatically generates more than 20 types of reports, the preparation of each of which requires no more than 1 minutes. They allow you to analyze data on revenue, popular forms of payment, the daily number of desserts sold and help monitor the work of the staff and the personal sales of each employee. Having on hand accurate information about the gastronomic preferences of guests, the confectionery guide offers the most popular, delicious and delicious dishes and desserts.

Anna Silaeva, Ladurée commodity specialist, talks about the results of the implementation of the system: “The high quality of our business today would be impossible without the use of an information system. 1-Rarus has thought out and implemented all the necessary functions that every day help us to carry out all our business tasks. We do not need to spend a few hours of precious time counting sales, quantities of ingredients, or product residues in stock. The system will do all this in a few seconds. ”

Bakhtiyor Nikolkin specifies: “Desserts are delivered to us from France and are stored in special warehouses. With the help of the new system, we daily control how many products are left in warehouses, and quickly arrange delivery, so our guests can be sure that their favorite desserts will be available. The system also guarantees the relevance of all financial data for internal reports. ”

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