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Sweet Sloboda received HALAL certificate

Production of homemade cookies factory "Sloboda Sweet" has received the status of "halal". This is confirmed by the certificate of "Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan." The country receiving the certificate was not chosen by chance - Kazakhstan provides a substantial amount of exports of "Sweet Sloboda".

Certification carried out by an organization recognized worldwide, so this certificate can be accepted and used in any country.

A HALAL certificate is a document attesting that the products marked with the sign do not have components prohibited for Muslims and comply with all the canons of the Islamic religion (is “permitted”).

During the certification process carried out a thorough check of the finished product, its composition and labeling, production, storage and sales. The last process control products are marked with a special sticker "Halal", thanks to which the buyer can easily identify it in the shops.

Certification mark "Halal" is the only voluntary, which speaks of respect by all faiths and principles of selection of products for its customers.


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