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Salad of plastic packaging admitted dangerous

British biologists have shown that the use of lettuce leaves, chilled and placed in plastic containers, is associated with health hazards. The study is published in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology, briefly reported by the publication EurekAlert!

Scientists have found that packaging placed in the salad in the event of its leaves small damages up to two times more likely to breeding bacteria Salmonella enterica. Pathogens by researchers as an established, together with the juice of the plant form microbial biofilms, which are showing strong resistance to washout.

In the course of a typical five-day storage in the refrigerator on the leaves of lettuce packed scientists have found about a hundred thousand individual bacteria Salmonella enterica.

Initially salmonella fall on lettuce leaves when grown in open ground. There they fall due to insects, birds, and through fertilizers. However, according to the study's authors, Salmonella enterica can get to the leaves, and recycled water flow.

Scientists also have shown, writes "to" that Salmonella can enter the vascular system of plants, where they can not be removed. In addition to lettuce, the pathogen can also be found on packaged spinach.

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