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"Smartori" abandoned the club model

Supermarkets "Smartori" led by the Metropolitan Trading Company (STC) with 1 September 2016 was abandoned mandatory club card fee. This was reported on the website "Smartori" and confirmed the CEO of STC Andrei Yakovlev.

STC has developed a network of grocery stores "Globus Gourmet", which, unlike the mainstream "Smartori" operate in the premium segment.

Initially "Smartori" conceived as club stores, where the right to buy need to pay separately. The cost of an annual club card was 6000 rubles., According to Yakovlev. The first store of this network STC launched in August 2015, at two supermarkets are now working under the guise of "Smartori" on the Leningrad and Kaluga highway in Moscow, as well as an online store. The club "Smartori" is about 25 000 people, according to Yakovlev, but only half of them bought the map - the remaining registered for free.

Revenue "Smartori" according to the "SPARK-Interfax" for part of last year amounted to 3 million rubles, net profit -. 224 000 rubles. (The company does not disclose finpokazateli). The main owners of STK - Yakovlev, First Deputy Chairman of Sberbank and former CEO X5 Retail Group Lev Khasis.

The "Smartori" is not enough points, and brand awareness and credibility of the low, so the model worked paid membership is not as effective as expected, he told "Vedomosti" Yakovlev. The format, according to him, was originally an experimental and studying customers, the company decided to temporarily abandon it. When the network "Smartori" will total about 100 stores, the company can return to the idea of ​​paid membership, Yakovlev said, adding that plans for the next 3-5 years, as planned earlier - open 30 stores.

The Russian consumer is clearly not ready to participate in the pay-format shopping clubs, says CEO «Infoline-analysts" Mikhail Burmistrov, with the onset of the crisis and the fall in real incomes, and this idea has lost all chance of survival.

"Smarteri" does not abandon the club concept - only members of the club can still be buyers, but now it can be done for free, Yakovlev notes. True, the first purchase in an offline store can be made without registering with a "one-time card," the website said. Also members of the club can purchase annual store cards for 3000 and 10 000 rub., Noted there. They give the right to receive a deferred discount in the form of bonus points from the cost of each purchase, explained Yakovlev, and their owners will be available additional discounts for the services of companies - partners "Smarteri" (among them, for example, "Rappoport Restaurants", their representative did not respond to the request ).

Free participation in the club could well be an effective model, Burmistrov believes: Russian buyers like to belong to the privileged groups. However, he believes the new format loyalty cards "Smartori" is still too expensive for the mass market. "The customer gets a network card when clearly understands that for two or three purchase discounts and bonuses on it will exceed its value," - said Burmistrov.

Sales of club cards in total revenue "Smartori" did not exceed 10%, adds Yakovlev, this income STC hopes to make up for by sales of new cards with a deferred discount. Pricing Policy "Smartori", he said, will not change: the price manages to hold back due to the small range in 4000 headings and the minimum expenditure on staff, and that the STC has also developed seven stores, "Globus Gourmet", facilitates communication with suppliers, lists Yakovlev .

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