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San Francisco introduces a tax on soft drinks

American voters in San Francisco and California have voted for a tax on sweetened soft drinks, which was carried out by local authorities due to a campaign to combat the rise in obesity and diabetes mellitus.

Recent data indicate that, "News" wrote that such measures can be taken in the near future, in Oakland, California and Boulder, Colorado.

The introduction of taxation for sugary soft drinks manufacturers have been initiated a month after the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended that the United States authorities to introduce such taxes in an attempt to rectify the situation with the sharp rise in obesity and other nutrition-related diseases among American citizens.

Opponents of the tax on carbonated beverages say that the new duties will harm the most disadvantaged groups of the population, and their introduction is not sufficient measure to combat obesity and diabetes.

Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, together with other market companies, whose volume is estimated at approximately $ 100 billion, trying to prevent the introduction of such a tax due to lower consumption of carbonated beverages.

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