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Sanctions against Russia brought to bankruptcy Grāvendāle

Court Zemgale Riga 7 November announced a meat processing plant Grāvendāle insolvent. Administrator appointed naplatezhesposobnosti Raivis Tauriņš, DELFI reference to LETA.

Case of Insolvency was initiated in October 19.

The lawsuit filed farm Baldone Čokas edge.

Owner Janice Čokas Gauja said that Grāvendāle not pay for the delivered products. The amount of debt he did not name. 5 September, the process of legal protection Grāvendāle. process plan does not meet the requirements of the insolvency law.

Earlier in the year 2014, the claim for insolvency Grāvendāle already supplied but has not been considered, since the company paid the plaintiff - the management of the Riga thought government revenues - a debt of EUR 20 000.

Last year Grāvendāle losses amounted to one million euros, compared with a profit of 21 600 euros a year earlier, while turnover fell from 3,27 2013 million euros in the year to € 2,56 million last year.

The fall of financial performance is due to the loss of the Russian market.

Grāvendāle produced sausages, pâtés and smoked products. It worked 83 rights. The owners of the enterprise are Grigory Bure and Inna Edidovich.

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