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Softline has developed requirements for CRM-system

JSC "ECO RESOURCE" - one of the leaders of the Russian market of natural food colors and coloring ingredients. The Company is the first Russian producer of natural colors and coloring extracts. Among the regular customers of the company more than 600 enterprises - manufacturers from Russia, CIS countries and abroad.

In connection with the growing number of customers of the company needed to automate the process of interaction with customers. For this purpose it was decided to implement a CRM-system. Due to customer data consolidation was expected to increase the efficiency and transparency of the sales process and the work of the purchasing department. As the platform was chosen Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, and the leadership of "ECO RESOURCE" it was decided to conduct a survey of the IT infrastructure and business processes.

As an IT partner of ECO RESOURS JSC, she chose Softline, whose specialists have extensive experience in developing and implementing integration solutions based on Microsoft products. 

During the project, the main task assigned to the Softline team was to audit and develop the requirements for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. At the initial stage of the work, data was collected on the key business processes of the customer and their reflection in IT services. On the basis of the information received, Softline analysts together with the specialists of Eco RESURS AS formed functional requirements for the system taking into account the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics and the expectations of the company's business units. The functionality of the new CRM-system was developed taking into account the basic processes that required automation. In addition, because the solution was to become a platform for the interaction of the sales and purchasing department using the 1S accounting system, the scenario of integration and partial migration of data from it was defined during the description of requirements.

"As a result of the project, we have provided an assessment of the future system that will help the customer to use the advantages of Microsoft Dynamics solutions for business problems. Developed CRM-system will be a common platform for the staff of the various departments and synchronizes their work ", - said Sergey Oreshin, head of Microsoft's integration projects Softline Solutions Department.

"Thanks to the pre-project survey conducted by Softline specialists, we analyzed in detail the compliance functionality Dynamics CRM real business processes of the company, estimated the resources and the timing of the project, including integration with the ERP system and plan the necessary resources at the implementation stage, and to carry out work possibilities with the involvement of our IT staff, "- said Oleg chervonetz, CIOs of" ECO RESOURCE. "

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