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Sorokin: we depend on suppliers, they are from us

The influence of retailers on suppliers is somewhat exaggerated, this opinion was expressed by Vladimir Sorokin, General Director of the Perekrestok chain (part of X5 Retail Group), speaking at the Vedomosti newspaper Retail in Russia conference.

“It seems to me that our influence on suppliers is somewhat exaggerated, because they are very different. Even a small supplier in some small town has quite serious leverage over us, ”he said.

As Sorokin explained to RNS, in his opinion, the best way would be to self-regulate relations between retailers and suppliers. "You need to sit down at the negotiating table and try to find a solution."

“If you take the two largest retailers in our country - Magnit and us - then Magnit has a share of 6,8%, we have 6,4%, and if you compare, for example, with Wimm-Bill-Dann ”And Danone, they share 80% of the market in two. We depend on them, they depend on us, "Sorokin added.

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