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The visit of the Governor of the Ivanovo region on the factory MAK Ivanovo

The visit of the head of the region was associated with the assessment of the confectionery business in the Ivanovo district. Pavel Konkov noted that MAK-Ivanovo is in the top 4 enterprises located in the municipality, and this is a big plus in the financial development of the region.

Sergei Nizov, head of the Ivanovo district, commented on the importance of MAK-Ivanovo for the growth of the district and the region: Mak-Ivanovo is an example of a successfully developing business. The revenue side of the municipal budget is replenished at the expense of this enterprise. Last year, the municipality received about 7 million rubles, in the first half of 2016 - 5 million. Since the company is successfully developing, I am sure that we will reach higher profitability. "

Successfully competing with well-known international companies, Sweet Tale is one of the leaders in the confectionery industry in Russia. This fact was emphasized by the president of the Sweet Tale group of companies, Denis Gordienko: “We have become leaders in many categories. First and foremost, we are the leaders in the category "air marshmallow" in Russia. " Air marshmallows are produced at the MAK-Ivanovo factory, equipped with the only marshmallow air marshmallow production line in Russia.

“To a large extent, the company operates independently today. We provide only organizational support. I believe that if a business is properly designed, if all the risks in the markets are calculated, then to be honest, the main task of the state is not to interfere with business, ”Pavel Konkov noted, revealing the principle of cooperation with IK-Ivanovo.

The strategic plans of the company’s management are to expand production by installing a line for the production of cookies in the new building, which will further create 100 jobs.

About the MAK-Ivanovo factory: MAK-Ivanovo is a powerful industrial and warehouse complex, located on more than 12 thousand square meters. m, where more than 300 items of goods are produced. The factory is equipped with modern equipment and technologies, it is certified according to the international food safety management system ISO 22000. Every year MAK-Ivanovo receives production accreditation from international companies Disney and Universal.

The average monthly production volume of the enterprise is more than 300 tons. In 2015, MAK-Ivanovo manufactured more than 3,5 thousand tons of products worth 1,1 billion rubles.

About the group of companies "Sladkaya Skazka": The group of companies "Sladkaya Skazka" was founded in 1990. Today it is a leading Russian manufacturer and exclusive distributor of confectionery for children and adults. The product range includes Fru-Fru gummies, Zefirushki airy marshmallows, biscuits in gift cans, Baba Yaga gummies, chocolate eggs with a surprise and other sweets.

More information about the products and about the Sladkaya Skazka Group itself can be found on and other company sites: - everything about marmalade: production technology, recipes, recommendations, how to make chewing marmalade at home, etc .; - everything about airy marshmallows: news, interesting facts, recipes with marshmallows, etc .; - everything about chocolate eggs: production technology, information about collections, a forum for collectors, news; - about chocolate eggs with a surprise "Flower ponies": history of the collection, coloring pages, entertaining information about 3D-toys "Flower ponies", news; - about a set of HAPPY BOXING with collectible figures "Underwater World", as well as interesting facts about the world's oceans and its inhabitants.

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