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"Soviet champagne" predicted a rise in prices

Mass sparkling wines, such as "Soviet" and "Russian champagne", will rise in price by at least 10 percent, amid increasing excise taxes on them. This was stated by the Commissioner under the President of Russia for the Rights of Entrepreneurs, Boris Titov, RIA Novosti reports.

“We need to understand that the cost of the increased excise will be included in the selling price. Any Russian producer of sparkling wines will be forced to raise prices, ”he explained.

This, according to Titov, will trigger a decline in demand for champagne. “The purchasing power of people is becoming lower, and it is not beneficial to anyone. Who will punish the State Duma before the New Year? Ordinary Russians, ”said the Commissioner.

12 in November, the State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes approved amendments to the Tax Code (NC), increasing in 2017-2019 years the rates of excise on sparkling wines from the current 26 to 36 rubles per liter, and on sparkling wines with a protected geographical indication - from 13 to 19 rubles.

The draft law, which introduces amendments to the Tax Code, is currently being considered in parliament in the second reading. When the document was approved in the first reading, it dealt with excise rates on this product in the amount of 27 and 14 rubles, respectively. The same document provided for excise taxes on non-alcoholic beer, but in the process of working on the draft law, they abandoned this idea.

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