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JV: the retail price of milk is too high in twice

Promotion of milk from the manufacturer to the sale adds to its value over 100%, reported by the Accounts Chamber following an analysis of the effectiveness of the implementation of measures aimed at import substitution in the dairy industry in 2015 and the past period of 2016.

An analysis of the formation of the retail price of milk “showed that the promotion of raw milk through the chain“ producer-processor-trading network ”adds more than 100% to its value,” the report says.

In particular, according to RNS, in 2015, the average revenue of a producer of raw milk receiving state support was about 21 rubles / liter, while the retail price of milk (2,5 – 3,2% fat) averaged 47 rubles / liter.

The Accounts Chamber also stressed that the quality of milk produced is reduced due to the fact that unscrupulous producers replace animal fats with vegetable fats for economic gain. Only in the first half of 2016 of the year, Rospotrebnadzor detected 214 cases of falsification of butter, drinking milk - 44, cheese - 37, sour cream - 27, cottage cheese –— 42, ice cream - 4. In the 7879 sampled batches of dairy products in 84 Russian regions selected by the Rosselkhoznadzor, 25% were deemed not to meet the requirements for quality indicators.

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